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Makeup Blender Silicone Sponge Latex Free

1) Eliminate Makeup Waste: The ‘Anti-Sponge’ won’t waste any makeup like your traditional makeup sponge. The smooth Silicone surface is the perfect applicator for foundation, blusher, highlighter and concealer.

2) Easy to Use: Simply apply a small amount of product to the ‘Anti Sponge’ and softly blend it.

3) Easy to Clean: Simply use the ‘Anti-Sponge’ under lukewarm water for a perfect cleanup.

4) Professional:  The Silicone non-latex powder puff is designed for blending foundation, cream, blusher, highlighter, concealer etc. Unlike other powder puff in sponge, this one won’t absorb and waste any makeup. 

5) How to clean : Wipe the silicone sponge with napkin or clean it gently in water and air dry

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