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Introduction: Makeup Al Mansour, a well-known and top ranking cosmetic distributor in Kuwait, was created by Mr. Qutbuddin Commander joining as a partner with Abdullah Al Mansour in 1988. Mr. Commander’s thirty years of experience and leadership in the field of cosmetics has brought the company to a level of an unshaken reputation and great success amongst the cosmetics industry in Kuwait and all over the Gulf region. We are today known as “MAKEUP AL MANSOUR” locally and internationally.

Company profile: Today, the most successful and top-selling leader brand in the company is "Smiling", varieties of products which offer high QUALITY at reasonable PRICE to customers in Kuwait and all across the middle-east. "Smiling" is a privately owned brand of the company; all products of this brand are made by manufacturers around the world especially Italy, Germany, France, USA with utmost care to the quality as high as a consumer can expect from a big brand. 

Almost 35 years we are serving all kinds of beauty products to beautify color cosmetics and accessories.We have almost 12 European and American brands in the fleet as of now. One of the well-known brand with the company, since it was actively functioning after the liberation, was "Arcancil-Paris" which has played an important role in the development of the company, however, the distribution of this brand in Kuwait has been exclusively handled by  Mr. Commander since 1981.

The brands joint the parade were Italian brand "Florelle-Italy" the second best brand in the company. Makeup Al-Mansour has been exclusively agent of "Florelle-Italy" since 20 years. "Florelle" encompasses a wide range of varieties in product and colors. It is regarded as the pride of the company and is also revered by the consumer. In addition to these brands Al-Mansour has other names such as "Deborah-Italy", "Debby-Italy", "LA Splash-USA", "Milani-USA", "Astra-Italy", and "LA Color-USA”, “LA Girl-USA” were launched with a great success, all these brands were very well accepted by the consumers because their name, quality, and variety of colors. Recently we have launched another Italian brand Lord & berry for which we also have received an overwhelming response. Some more brands are still in the pipeline to go along with the vast variety.  As a result of the reputation built internationally and locally, well-established brands are always willing to join. 

Apart from color cosmetics, we have included Personal Care Line, Beauty Products, and other accessories. Personal Care line most of them are from very well known brands of Europe and US. We are offering complete beauty care products under one roof, consumers mainly ladies can get all their need of products at one place. this is the reason our stores are most crowded place in Kuwait.

We provide our customers with the best service possible; our knowledgeable staff can be consulted anytime by the customer in order to choose the right products and colors to suit their complexion and attire respectively. Prices in our stores are very reasonable and the best anybody can get anywhere to suite every budget, and on top of all that is the Quality we supply is something beyond what a consumer can expect. We have reasonable prices and we never compromise with the Quality.

We are proud to announce that for most of our products the Quality is as good as of the big brands because most of the items are produced from the same chanels. We are confident that after using our products the customers love and admire them, this is the reason they want to come back again and again.Makeup Al Mansour prides itself in keeping up to date with the newest ingredients and latest consumer trends. To do this, we attend cosmetic conferences, trade shows, subscribes to trade magazines and, most importantly, listen to our customers! The focus of product development is to create advanced products using naturally derived ingredients.

Quality: To its benefit, the beauty company is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter products. All skin care, nail care and hair care cosmetics are natural products with the feature of high quality, high safety, high purity, and high effectiveness.

Motto: The company's policy and the motto of "Price, Quality, and Service" is the main key of its success. The company offers a sense of accessibility to their products and to anyone who enjoys the art of makeup, hence our motto “All ages. All Sexes. All races.”

Our Vision: There are 10 branches all over Kuwait in localities that provide an easy access to all consumers from every corner. We are keen to open several more branches in Kuwait and in other part of the Gulf region, company management is exploring for suitable prospective locations to serve our customers. 

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