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Lord & Berry Timeless Lipstick

TIMELESS kissproof lipstick is the essence of matte vibrancy and futuristic wear. A sensorial lip fluid that shapes lips with one-stroke of pure color."For best TIMELESS Kissproof (R) lipstick performance please keep lips nice and smooth before any application. Exfoliate if needed and wipe off any excess moisture on lips, apply a thin clean coat and let it completely dry for 3 - 5 minutes before rubbing lips together. If you rub your lips together during the drying process, it could cause the lipstick to dry incorrectly, therefore causing cracking and crumbles. Also, any extra coats during the day may cause cracking. If you wish to refresh, remove and reapply. Care Recommendation: our formula contains a softener drying agent to deliver the matte effect we all love. To extend the life of your Timeless Kissproof (R) Lipstick, it is recommended to close tightly the container after everyuse. Please keep away from direct sunlight and store it in a cool/room temperature."

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