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1) It is a simple sheet type essence mask offering your skin direct nutrition.

2) You can feel the difference immediately when using this face mask only once and it includes a high quality mask sheet which sticks to your face very well. 

3)  It contains "Syn-ake" which is peptide extracted from plant officially authorized by The Swiss Technology Award. The "Syn-ake" is similar with real snake venom and it provides deep moisturization to rough and dry skin for intense moist skin texture. Also it softens and nourishes skin while adding glow.  

4) Vitamin E and collagen : It provides nutrition and makes your skin healthy and bright .

5)  It makes you feel cool and it keeps your tired skin elastic.


1) Take out the mask sheet from the pack and unfold it. 

2) First, gently apply the mask sheet around your eye part and then fit your face contours.

3) Leave on for 15-20 minutes .

4) Take off the mask sheet and tab the remaining collagen essence over your face until it completely absorbs to your skin. 

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