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Formulated to create the same extreme lash length and dramatic volume as salon extensions, with just mascara. 97%* of women reported an instant lash extension effect!
The mascara builds glossy, supple lashes, unlocking a lush vinyl, almost lacquered effect that envelops the lashes all day long.
The spiral elastomer brush is intuitively shaped and easy to use, delivering high-precision application from root to tip to coat the lashes. The wand picks up just the right amount of formula and releases it evenly, achieving beautifully defined lashes, without clumping.
Mascara LIKE A PRO guarantees that all-day wow factor, fringing the eyes with lashes that look every bit like professional extensions.
As a matter of fact, 100%* of testers report that the mascara more than delivers on its promises!
Mascara LIKE A PRO comes in an eye-catching cherry red matt metallic tube sporting a decorative trim on the cap.
With such amazing volume, length and definition, lashes seem to multiply: Mascara LIKE A PRO will become your eyes’ best ally!
*Self-assessment by 20 subjects.

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