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Red Star cosmetics Brush 3Pcs Set

Red Star Mini Brush set is for Eyeshadow, Blusher & Eyeliner.
EYESHADOW: No matter what kind of eye-painting you will choose, including solid color, assorted colors, delicate, wild or tier by tier, this multi - functional eye-shadow brush can help you greatly.
The flat part of it will brush the Eye-shadow powder on your eye- hole & the tip round part of it will then brush to a delicate & perfect color exactly. 
 EYELINER : It will easily paint a delicate eye-line or create a kind of smoked effect on your eye canthus, when it works with kohl. It can also act as a small eye-shadow brush to make up exact coloring, styling & creating different levels easily.
BLUSHER : Soft blusher brush is specially made with high quality Takalon hair to give a smooth and easy gliding application on the cheek & no irritation is the result of best quality hair.

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