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DEBORAH Atomic Red Mat Lipstick

KD 4.000
The Atomic Red Mat Lipstick is the beauty weapon for high seduction lips.
    • DR106- 01 BROWN
    • DR106- 02 DARK BROWN
    • DR106- 03 NUDE BROWN
    • DR106- 05 RED BRICK
    • DR106- 25 RED BORDEAUX
    • DR106-CHEEKY RED 20
    • DR106-DEEP MAUVE 23
    • DR106-FIRST KISS 17
    • DR106-HOT RED 24
    • DR106-MAUVE FUCSIA 22
    • DR106-NUDE 06
    • DR106-PINK BRICK 07
  • "Historical best seller, born from the Deborah Group research laboratories, the Atomic Red Mat Lipstick is the beauty weapon for high seduction lips.The ultra comfortable formula runs perfectly on the lips giving a satin mat finish. It guarantees an extraordinary opaque and velvety result, a surprising seal and at the same time maximum comfort for the lips A perfectly matte result, a comfortable texture with a full and homogeneous writing, able to preserve the softness of the lips for a long time The secret of Atomic Red Lipstick Mat resides in a light formula, designed to ensure comfort, tightness and maximum color intensity.The vitamins E and C, known for their anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties,and extract from Rosa Canina with a regenerating action, enhancing the virtues of lipstick that take care of the lips, day after day, keeping them soft and velvety.

    Hypoallergenic *. " 

    * Formula to minimize the risk of allergies

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