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Dangerous Curves Mascara

KD 6.000
  • Maximum volume and perfect curves with a hi-tech arch-shaped brush that gives even the straightest lashes the ultimate curl, volume and lift. The formula is enriched with curved fibres that leave the lashes beautifully curled with just one swipe.

    The intensely pigmented mascara leaves the lashes blacker than black, adding depth and giving the gaze more than a touch of unadulterated glamour. The long-lasting formula keeps the lashes voluptuously curled all day long.

    +250%* volume effect

    Il 95%** of women report perfectly curled lashes 

    Ophthalmologist tested.

  • The unusual curved brush gives the lashes spectacular curl with just one coat. I recommend starting with the flat side of the applicator lying along the lash line; now wiggle it along the length of the lashes, coating them completely from the base to the tips. Then go back to the tips and, using the round edge of the brush, sweep the lashes upwards, curling them perfectly.
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