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Lip Liner Tattoo

Semi-permanent lip contour felt-tip."It can be used to identify and correct the shape of the lips while preventing lipstick and gloss from creeping. It can also be applied beyond the outline as a basis for improving the resistance of lipstick and gloss.For an increased volume effect, draw the line outside the natural lip edge and inside. Conversely, if you want to refine the lips, draw the line within the natural edge. To return the reversible felt contour tip, simply use a pair of tweezers."

This Tattoo Waterproof Lip Liner is a revolution for the lips! Thanks to its semi-permanent formula , its felt tip outlines the lips up to 24 hours, without running or fading, whileeasily applied. It does not dry out the lips contour thanks to its formula enriched with Vitamin E and camomile. Its tip is reversible for a twice as long last.

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