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FİRE Quickly shaves excess calluses • Sturdy handle for improved control • Two refill blades included For Professional Results: Soak feet to soften calluses. Draw the corn plane across the callused area to shave off a thin layer of dead skin. Be careful not to cut live skin. To change the blade: Place the round, rubber pad on a flat surface. Gently press the corn plane's blade holder against the pad and push the handle away from yourself. This will allow you to access the blade. Carefully turn the blade around (or replace it with a new blade if both edges have already been used). Place the corn plane handle over the holder and slide toward you, while pressing dewn, to reassemble the corn plane. WARNING: This tool contains a sharp blade and should be handled with care. Calluses protect your feet and should not be aggressively removed. Please do not use this tool if you are diabetic or suffer from poor circulation. Quality Guarantee We stand behind the quality of our products 100%. If your tool is defective, please return it to us for a replacement.

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